Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am sick and I am tired.... sick and tired... (1st rant of 2010 :p)

Republicans cannot abrogate their responsibility as elected officials. Democrats were just as much to blame for their inaction which lead to the economic meltdown, unnecessary wars, and complete dismembering of the U.S. constitution during the Bush years, as the Administration itself. If this government fails to provide universal health care, reform the financial system and restore justice, the Republicans will have just as much blood on their hands.

The fear and anger that is fuelling the constant opposition without merit, sense or rationality is not constructive, does not benefit the public, is irresponsible and childish. On the other hand, the Democrats need to take their Barbie dresses off, defend their position, educate the public on the merits of their policies, and actually stop cowering to people like Hannity and Bleck who are as much the Fourth Estate as Entertainment Tonight.

The United States is a country where someone like Bush gets elected twice, where Edward Kennedy is replaced by a Republican and where Sarah Palin is considered a viable candidate. Ignorance is not an excuse for mediocrity and surely the so-called greatest nation on earth can do better.

"Their (Republicans') view is if they can defeat Obama in every way imaginable, they'll come up in the midterm election and say, 'Hey, he hasn't accomplished anything.' Unfortunately, they've been succeeding too well." - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

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